My 2018 Goals

Starting in 2018 I wanted to set a firm list of goals rather than the vague or general that most people forget after a few months. These goals would be concrete and obtainable and I would hold myself to them throughout the year. By writing them down publicly I also would have to hold myself accountable to the people who read this!

After a week of thinking about this, I generated some small and large goals I would like to accomplish.

Create my own personal site

A small but needed goal in order to accomplish some other ones on this list. By creating this site I can now post my ideas here and develop my reputation online. This is something I have always toyed with and now it is finally reality for me!

Advance my career from my job

I am always trying to challenge myself to get to the next level. I am lucky that I have a Father who has instilled this in me and have bosses who also help me achieve this. They have challenged me giving me a project to design and a small team to lead which has helped me grow tremendously.  I am fortunate to have leaders in our organization that want to develop me and continuously do so. I want to continue this trend for the year and learn and challenge myself in new ways and have more responsibilities.

Impact the Software Community

My first few years of working have been focused on impacting my workplace by developing software. This has helped me create the foundational level of skills that I needed and cemented them, now freeing me to focus my efforts on what interests me. As my skills developed through coding an awareness generated in me that created a better consciousness of the software industry as a whole. This realization has told me that right now I can have a tangible impact on many people in the software community through what I have learned.

As I continue to work on Angular I want to start writing posts that other people can use to help them become better coders. Last year I led my first ever project on my own and it was in a framework I have not worked with. It was difficult but I was guided along by great resources and blogs online to help me develop high quality software. I secretly really like teaching and developing people and the best way to do that online is by creating simple, well explained articles over certain features or ideas in software. I would like to create at least one very well written coding post this year and share it online.

Become an Expert in Angular

Last year I set a goal of becoming an expert on the basics and intermediates of web development and C#. While I still have much to learn I feel very comfortable discussing most topics with anyone and can make sound design decisions. For this year I would like to become much more knowledgeable about a specific piece of technology as I see a good future for the framework and enjoy working in it. While JavaScript frameworks seem to change with the tides, Angular is well designed and supported to withstand the ebbs and flows of the industry which gives me great confidence for the framework. Their fast paced release cycle is great for releasing major features and always has something exciting to learn. Besides, since ASP.NET seems to never die I also think Angular will have a long healthy life.

Develop better relationships with people

Whether personal or professional a priority for me will be to create better relationships with the people around me. There are people in my personal life who I wish to get to know and understand better as we are only surface level friends. In addition, there are also people who I knew well that have become distant with and our relationship faded over the years. Reestablishing and developing these relationships is important to me as I enjoy having good, reliable friends in my life. Going through this year I would like to reestablish one old relationship and also improve one existing relationships with my friends.

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