What am I doing now? (6/1/2019)


At the moment I've been listening to podcasts focused on programming, technology, startups, business, and how to think better. These podcasts have provided a way to better utilize my long drives to work and not fill my brain with mindless activity. I have started to value my time more and with that comes a need to educate myself further.

A few of the following Podcasts I like are listed below:

  • The Tim Ferris Show
    • A business focused podcats with deep and alternative insights
    • Naval Ravikant, one of my favorite thinkers, was on in 2017 and detailed so much interesting information on how to be succesful and how to have a clean and clear mind to acomplish anything you want
  • The Knowledge Project
    • Interviews with a wide spectrum of guests on how they find their success through their though processes
    • There was a great interview with the DuckDuckGo CEO that gave insights on privacy, how to implement search, and how to think in different mental models.
  • Security Now
    • Useful to stay up to date with security and tech news that I don't have time to research myself
    • I usually learn a new nuggest or two about some tech that I have not learned about before
    • Just this week, I learned about Google allows users to clear their location history, which is in line with starting to value my privacy more as I learned more about from the DuckDuckGo CEO.


In terms of projects I am trying to decide how I want to spend my time. I am leaning towards a Chrome Extension bookmark app. The app is focused simply and solely on saving news articles in a running, customizable list. If you want to fill your time and read an article, you could click on the extension and see what you bookmarked but did not have time to read. This would solve my current issue of throwing all my articles I want to read into my bookmarks to never see them again. By making articles easy to find and read, with the ability to sort them in any order, it would encourage me to read more often in my free time.


I started a new project on programming called "Cheat Sheets". I am always learning new info about how to do something depending on the language, program, or operating system and I needed a way to write everything down. These will serve as my quick reference notes and also contain the basics of the topic I am covering so I can easily refresh myself whenever I need to. They are linked to a GitHub project.

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